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Franklin Levinson at Silva

On Sunday May 24th The Silva Project hosted a workshop in horse training lead by Franklin Levinson. Franklin, from Colorado has been an equine professional for 42 years and has trained thousands of horses and taught thousands of humans.

Here Franklin talks to the group about a problem horse (in the background.) He continued by working with the horse and coming up with exercises that can be done on a regular basis to "improve" the horses attitude!

Here, Franklin works with the young owner of this beautiful Thoroughbred.

"I teach all horsemanship as a life enrichment process for the human and the horse" says Franklin. "If we bring our best to the horse (without ego) the chances for success are greatly enhanced."

During a break in the workshop. Sylvia, Franklin and me.

Durrell School of Corfu visits the Silva Estate.

The Durrell School of Corfu offers adventurous minds a learning environment steeped in history. Gerald Durrell was an author, naturalist and spend many years of his life on Corfu. I'm in the middle of his book My Family and Other Animals. A fun book. He wrote this about his young years on Corfu. The School held a conference in Corfu a couple weeks ago and I was able to go to some of the programs including a lecture by David Bellamy the famous naturalist and controversial figure on the causes of global warming. Then the whole group came to the estate to see the many plants and insects found here as well as the Skyrian horses.

Sylvia (center left) and Rachel (left) who's in charge of the horses talk to some of the guests from the School.

David Bellamy meets Iggy.

Two conference participants hug the Lemon Eucalyptus tree.

The next day The School chartered a boat and Sylvia and Mark (another volunteer) and I joined them for lunch, a hike and a boat ride.

Looking towards Albania with Mark.

The boat stopped at a place there was a little church that was a favorite of Gerald Durrell.

The skipper said "Anyone for a swim?" Mark and I and about 4 others didn't need a second invitation. Without doubt one of the most beautiful swims in my life! I forgot to ask someone to take pictures when we were in the water. Probably looks better with out people anyway.

Returning to Kerkra (Corfu Town.)

We deliver the colt Airaos to his new home.

Sunday, 31 May, Rachael, Sylvia and I took the yearling Skyrian colt Airaos to his new home. In an early morning departure, the three of us, Airaos and a puppy took the ferry and headed to Aetoraxn. Aetoraxn is on the mainland about an hour and a half drive east from the ferry dock and into some amazingly beautiful country.

I drove the van!

The mountains around Aetoraxn were beautiful. There was still snow on the higher peaks.

Here Aireos meets his new master, Eleni who owns Aireos' home the Ippostrouth Farm a day resort with horses and many other animals and a very nice restaurant.

Aireos' first friend...a month old filly.

Hi neighbor. This gelding was fascinated with Aeraos and made all sorts of non-gelding sounds. The puppy also is staying at the farm. Sorry no pix of him.

So I'm in my last two weeks here. The first month has been exciting. I had no way of knowing how diverse my experiences were to be. Sylvia and the rest of the people at The Sylva Project are great.

And what's in store for the last days...well a trip to Athens next Tuesday for sure. And then who knows?

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