Mostly Pictures...from the Estate and Kerkrya

Pictures from around the estate.

An beautiful old lemon eucalyptus tree at the estate entrance.

An old Banyon Fig Tree in the "back yard" of the house.

Me mucking out. 'Bout a bag/Skyrian/day, 2 bags/full size horse/day, 1/2 bag for the donkey. There are 30 Skyrians, 7 full size horses and one donkey. You figure it out. (I only do about 4 little corrals...not to bad.)

Pearl feeling her oats, or what ever is in the stuff we feed her. Everyone was out of the training area so she went in and did self directed lunging! She's about 20.

Jumping exercise. There are a group of advanced students. This girl has her own beautiful horse. I don't think the horse would do that well in a western enviroment though.

Colt nursing. We have 3 or so yearlings.

Alexia working with Captain, a Shire draft horse. I jumped on him bareback. He's so big it was impossible to grip with my legs.

A little Greek Orthodox Chapel on the estate. Not that old...70 or so...but build to the plans of an old chapel.

Inside (of course.) For you Photoshoppers, I combined two pix and added the ceiling.

Looking back at the estate from the little monastery in the bay. The estate mostly faces south and east. We're looking east in this pix. The buildings you see half way up are a little bar and Starbucks.

The large fortress protecting Kerkrya dating back over 2000 years. This is a big peninsula coming out east of Kerkrya.

A clock tower...a relatively recent addition at the fortress, looking back towards Kerkyra

More to come. I have some great photos taken on a motor scooter trip to Western Corfu last Monday. The views were spectacular!

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